Apple and Zeiss Working Together for Augmented Reality Glasses

A lot of rumors pertaining to Apple’s interest in augmented reality hardware have been surfacing since long. Apple’s few registered patents of “Transparent electronic Device” also shows the company’s interest and possible progress in this direction.

apple zeiss

As per the popular blogger, Robert Scoble, Apple has collaborated with German glass-maker Zeiss with a possible product for AR/MR glasses. As per one of the recent posts of Robert Scoble on Facebook, a Zeiss employee confirmed about Apple working with Carl Zeiss AG for a pair of AR/MR glasses and could arrive this very year.


The concept of Augmented Reality Glasses involves overlaying of data and images in the real world surroundings around you, while Mixed Reality blends the concepts of both AR and VR giving you a simultaneous experience of the real and virtual world together.


Apple CEO, Tim Cook has earlier expressed his interest in this new AR and VR Technologies, but bets more on AR and expects it to be gaining a considerable attention in coming developmental stages.


Also the previous rumors in last year November claimed Apple to be working on augmented reality glasses that would wirelessly integrate with iPhone’s camera via an app.


However, the entry-point of Apple in the AR market would be critical enough, as currently many new interesting startups and even giant like Microsoft (with its HoloLens VR) have made considerable progress in this field.




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