BMW dealerships to come up with virtual reality configurators

Its no new to us, that the automotive industry is today banking upon the virtual reality technology for future growth. The VR technology not only gives its customers the immersive and actual experience of how their upcoming car could be like, but also helps them make better and informed decisions while parking their money.

As per the latest reports coming from BMWBlogs, the Bavarian automotive giant looks forward to incorporate virtual reality configurators and revamp its existing dealership criterions. A similar announcement was made by Tesla, to come over its traditional dealerships and make use of VR.

BMW’s head for premium retail experience, Michael Fuhs that the company is planning to come up with a ‘fully experiential retail experience’ in the next two years and we could see its implementation as soon as in 2018. During his interview to Autocar, he said “nothing will happen in ten days, but I can’t tell you that automotive retail will look the same in 10-15 years.”



BMW is currently said to be in talks with a lot of its vendors so that they could adopt the latest technology trends and give their customers a more richer and better car buying experience. According to Fuhs, this would be a smooth transitional shift as initially small changes being brought  into practice, rather than option for massive investments and dealer overhauls.

Recently, we haw how Jaguar unveiled its first electric vehicle I-PACE via virtual reality. Other companies like Audi and Spanish giant SEAT also too are working upon the same curve.

Initially Javier Díaz, head for SEAT Prototype Centre has expressed his views as how VR could even help in streamlining and optimising the production process in all.

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