Exoskeleton glove can make you feel objects in VR

The future of VR is not just the development of VR Hardware , the VR accessories market has extreme potential too. A lot of companies have taken up the task of making the most amazing VR accessories such as tracking systems , motion controllers and other add ons . These make the VR experience more immersive and enticing, undoubtedly.
One of such companies called Dexta Robotics introduced a new product design , Exoskeleton glove and it is said to change the way VR hand tracking and interaction takes place. While its about immersion, companies are all set to make it as real as possible. With Dexmo you will be able to feel the objects in the virtual world. You will be able to know the size, weight and textures of the objects like it was real.

The look and feel of the device is more like a skeleton. It looks like fingers of the Human Skeleton to be precise. According to Dexta ,  Dexmo is a mechanical exoskeleton for your hands. It captures the full range of your hand motion and provides instant force feedback. With Dexmo, you can feel the size, shape, and stiffness of virtual objects.

The VR accessory market is flooding with something or the else every day. We have major players shipping their devices along with controllers and then we have independent companies working on just the accessories for VR. We have Htc Vive controllers, Oculus
Touch, PSVR move controllers are to come, Leap motion and what not. All of these options are working well for VR enthusiasts but Dexmo has a unique proposition for them.



Dexta completed more than 20 prototypes before finalising this version of Dexmo system.

Although the project was innovative, it began in 2014 with a Kick starter and managed to raise $55,000. The project was cancelled and the company said that they will restart it at a better time. There are speculations that 2016 is that better time when they come back. There are no details about launch as yet.

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