Experience AR with HoloLAMP PROJECTOR

Hololamp Projector – Last week at the CES 2017 expo in Las Vegas, HoloLamp debuted its first-of-its-kind augmented reality projector. The peculiar thing about this project is that users can experience augmented reality and interact with the real object without any need for some special glasses or smartphones required to see animated images.

Using the popular Unity Gaming Software, a projector, and video cameras, HoloLamp gets its animated images to life. Based out of London, HoloLamp Projector aims to put its application on several fields of product marketing, games, education and even in other workplaces.


HoloLamp cofounder Guillaume Chica in a statement said “A headset reduces a user’s field of view and tends to be uncomfortable, whereas HoloLamp enables the user to achieve an immersive experience without having to hold or wear any equipment. The hands-free and glasses-free technology allow users to easily engage with their surroundings while using HoloLamp, making it an ideal solution for numerous business and personal environments.”

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Currently, all the object produced using HoloLamp Projectorcan be controlled using the PS4 controller, but in future, the company aims to offer the control of projected objects just by touching the surface where it is being projected.


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The company has said that it will make the HoloLamp Projector available for purchase in the first-half of 2017 and will ship with an animated chess game. The Projector will work along with Windows 10 and Mac OS PCs/Laptops via HDMI cord.



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