Experience the fun of drawing in Air in AR with the new HoloDoodle HoloLens App

Augmented Reality is turning out to be one of the most lucrative fields for developers and tech companies, as it gives users the ability to interact with virtual 3D objects placed in their real life surrounding spaces.

One of the most recent examples of Augmented Reality is the much famous game ‘Pokemon Go’ as it gives you an initial experience of interacting with the famous cartoon characters placed in your surroundings.

Another such company named CapitolVR is working towards an interesting concept that lets your paint in the surrounding real world space in AR. In VR, we have seen similar attempts like the Tilt Brush from Google and Quill tools that lets you paint in the 3D virtual world and creating your own imaginative figures or characters.

The latest prototype created by CapitolVR is basically an HoloLens App named as HoloDoodle. HoloDoodle gives user the power to interact with several holograms. Your hand movements are being tracked in order to realise the physical interactions with the virtual layer.

Initially, CapitolVR tried this paint solution by using the finger of a user’s hand. But since only hand-tracking is possible at the moment in AR, and each user-hand being different in size, it was tricky to implement. However, the company has currently come out with a solution by placing a small cursor in front of the hand making it act like a brush tip.

The same cursor movement can be used for pressing of buttons for selecting line thickness and colors. The HoloDoodle app is really easy to be used and also accepts inputs via voice commands. Tap and hold the cursor to start drawing my moving your hand (the cursor). Release your finger to stop the drawing. In case you made a mistake, just say “Undo” to delete the last line you have drawn. Similarly, say “Clear All” to delete everything from start.

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