Hardlight Haptic suit from NullSpace VR promises some hardcore VR experiences

Hardlight Haptic suit from NullSpace VR promises some hardcore VR experiences

The world of Virtual Reality takes you to a completely new space and lets you enjoy the feeling of being at several space or several occasions at different times. In order to make this experience more immersive and engaging VR related companies are working towards means of providing users with haptic feedback solution that will really help them feel about the virtual surrounding the are driven into.


One such company NullSpace VR is working in similar direction and is soon to announce its Hardlight suit with 16 haptic pads that will help you feel the directional impact relating to actions taking placing while enjoying the VR experience.

Now as the name suggests, this suit is not about those soft touches and the force feedback impacts can be something that can pretty much pay you with punishments in case of failures. So if you are the one who just wants to get only the pampered experiences, this might not be the right choice for you.

This Hardlight suit from NullSpace VR comprise of an upper-body vest with a total of 16 haptic pads that can give you feedback across your body parts like shoulders, back, chest and arms. To trigger this pads, NullSpace VR is currently working towards its software APIs and have also teamed with other developers for this support.

Recently, at the World’s Fair ‘Nano’ event, the company demonstrated its latest prototype and thus its work in progress. Take a look at the video below:



The Hardlight suit consist of inertial sensors for detecting rotational movements but still hold some limitations in terms of positional and drift accuracies. However, on the good note the suit itself comes with integrated positional tracking with room-scale capabilities and gives you information like user’s body orientation and others. The team is however currently working in this direction for more improvements and enhancements.

What looks from the concept and the existing prototype, it can be said that this is a serious project from NullSpace VR and aims to take your VR experience to next levels.

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