Hi5 VR Gloves from Noitom offer finger-tracking capabilities powered with HTC Vive Tracker puck

Motion capture technology company – Noitom – has recently unveiled its Hi5 VR gloves that offer finger-tracking capabilities in virtual reality and is powered with the latest announced HTC Vive Tracker accessory. The Noitom Hi5 VR Gloves have been announced at the on-going CES 2017 expo taking place in Las Vegas, and offers some accurate and high-level precision with finger motion tracking in virtual reality.

Using a wrist-mounted interface, the Hi5 VR gloves easily pair up with Vive Tracker. Then by using the Steam’s VR Lighthouse tracking, the Vive Tracker than performs marks of positional tracking allowing the Hi5 gloves to detect the movements of individual fingers or thumb.


hi5 vr glove vr accessoryhi5 vr gloves accessory





To detect the accurate movement, extension and positioning of each finger, the Hi5 makes use of Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems. The official press release quotes this to be called as “pattern recognition”.

All the sensors baked within the glove will work in co-ordination with each other and will take inputs from each finger position thus giving accurate measure of your hand’s position in 3D space.

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Take a look at the below video to understand it better.



Left and right hand 5-finger motion tracking (2 gloves)
Plug-and-play simplicity (USB dongle)
Convenience of replaceable AA battery
Low latency/high accuracy
Sample game included
Developer friendly: includes SDK for Unity and Unreal Engine
Compatible with HTC Vive and Noitom’s Project Alice


Noitom aims to bring the Hi5 VR gloves in the market by the Spring of 2017. However, at the moment, there is no sufficient details regarding the battery life, pricing and other things.

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