Intel’s Project Alloy wireless headset aims to bring “Merged Reality”

Chipset maker and computing giant Intel today announced its new Project Alloy headset, a completely wireless headset that aims to deliver “Merged Reality” – a combination of virtual and augmented reality.

The Project Alloy headset features all the computing power and algorithms baked right into the headset. No extra sensors in the room, no additional cords for computer attachment but rather a completely wireless headset which many of industry tech player desire to build.
project alloy
The Project Alloy headset comes with “merged reality” meaning you can enjoy immersive video content in the virtual world and bring that content in the real world by projecting it in whichever place/room you are.

In a keynote at the CES 2017 expo in Las Vegas, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced that the headsets will be made available to users in the Q4 of 2017. Each of the Project Alloy headsets ill come Intel seventh generation Core chipset, fisheye lens and sensors, a vision processor, two RealSense cameras and an add-on battery which will be built in collaboration with other partners.

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The demo of the Project Alloy at CES 2017 featured two players wearing the VR headsets and playing a shooting game while working at the same time within the virtual space. Attendees were also taken to a travel experience in Vietnam produced by HyperVR, skydiving experience in Utah and over a 2000-acre solar power plant in Nevada desert.

The company also says the headset is capable of “collision detection and avoidance,” enabling users to traverse large volumes of space without running into walls and other objects.

Tech specs on Project Alloy are slim for the time being, but the headset is said to have its own on-board processor (confirmed to be a “PC-class” 6th-generation Intel Core processor), as well as an array of the company’s ‘RealSense‘ cameras which handle a range of computer-processing functions.

It seems that getting “merged reality” in their headsets and that too more specifically in ‘completely wireless’ headset, Project Alloy headset could be the one everyone is looking for. At this moment, Intel refrained from commenting the pricing of the device.

Here is a demo of Project Alloy at CES 2017




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