Man’s missing fingers receive sensations through the Oculus Rift

Man’s missing fingers receive sensations through the Oculus Rift

We have been since quite a long time hearing about the use of virtual reality in developing medical sciences. However, this news will certainly leave you a bit surprised as a man named Bob Murphy claims that the use of Oculus Rift Touch Controllers has helped him gain sensations to his missing fingers.

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Bob Murphy is born without three fingers with his physical hand layout being such that the ring, last and middle digits on his right-hand ends near to the first knuckle. After having purchased the Oculus Rift Murphy bought its recently announced Touch Controllers.

The touch controllers for the Oculus Rift is designed wherein your hand get positioned as ghostly 3D approximations and allows you to make several hand gestures like doing a thumbs up, making a fist, or even point with the controller’s capacitive sensors.

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In his interview to UploadVR, Murphy said that he got the Touch controllers “with the sole purpose to see what it’s like to have ten fingers. My brain…only understands having one full hand and one less than full hand. But when you have an experience that makes your hands actually look like hands, that’s what triggered me. It wasn’t something I expected to happen and my brain kind of internalized it the whole time. My brain kept trying to figure out what was up and I started feeling what can only be described as tingling sensations from parts of my fingers that I’ve never had,” he said.

However, as per Murphy, the closest sensation using the Touch controllers that he could remember was the phantom limb sensation.

This is, however, one-of-its-kind case wherein we have seen such developments or realisations and we would not comment anything for now till proper medical evidence for the same is available. But we can say that this is surely an interesting case and we could possibly see some developments in this regard sooner or later.

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