Mondly is the new VR app that helps you to learn different languages

Mondly is the new VR app that helps you to learn different languages

Virtual Reality is sure here to make a difference in the education sector! ATi studios has recently come up with a virtual reality application called Mondly that helps you learn different languages.

This application makes use of artificial intelligence placing chatbots with speech recognition capabilities and deliver real-life conversations through virtual characters in 28 different languages. Virtual Reality makes this learning pretty simple wherein you can get all the information sitting right on your couch.

Monday is already famous as a language learning application available across platforms of Android, iPhone, iPad and PC platforms. The company says that Mondly has seen over 15 million downloads till now and so the company decided to offer a VR experience which can give the learning a more personalised and immersive touch.

With Mondly’s VR learning experience, the users can receive feedback on pronunciations, offer suggestions to improve the vocabulary and thus create a fun and loving learning experience.

CEO and co-founder of ATi Studios, Alexandru Iliescu said “Fluency in a language is not how many words you know, but how well you communicate with the words you do. Our goal with Mondly is to push the envelope of language learning with new technologies that drive our users to become better communicators and have richer life experiences.”

Mondly vr

While speaking about the challenges involved in coming to the VR platform he says “The toughest challenge was to make the speech interaction feel natural in VR.

Because VR is so immersive, we quickly realised that traditional speech interaction models that require a tap or a voice command to enable speech recognition would kill the flow of the experience.

So we developed our own automatic voice detection system. It calibrates to the room’s background noise, and it ignores unintentional sounds. The result is amazing, the conversations with the virtual characters happen as naturally as real-life conversations – they just flow.”
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This application is launched on the Oculus Store and available for Samsung Gear VR headsets. This list of language you can learn, is here.

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