With the Pokémon GO fame , Will AR overthrow VR ?

With the great fame achieved by Pokemon Go and its witty use of AR, we all are wondering if AR overthrow VR in consumer acceptance. Everybody readily adopted the game and we cant imagine the amount of fans it has achieved in this short span. Is it about the capabilities of AR that are less explored ? Is AR more capable of becoming a mainstream technology ?


Well these questions direct to the most frequently asked and debated topic of the future of VR. There is a possibility that the Pokemon Go fame might be a temporary platform for AR to supersede VR .. or maybe not.

There is still time for VR to become mainstream and adopted by common users. All of us who are reading this were amazed by the possibilities of VR at some or the other time in life. Though we certainly dont see VR getting serious consumer adoption any soon. Research and expert’s predicitions say that the technology will not enter the mainstream consumer space for atleast 5 more years.Capture

Research shows in most cases, any new technology goes through three distinct stages before it hits the consumer in a big way.

In the first stage , the technology is adopted by the early adopters who would try and test the product no matter what. These are hardcore techies who use the latest technology to either review it or see what are the other things the technology can do for them.

In case of VR , early adopters tried and tested these hardwares to create valuable content for showcasing with the help of the hardwares. Also the competitors market gained speed and is still exploring the endless possibilities.

The second stage takes place when vertical markets jump in. At this stage, the new technology usage by early adopters influences vertical users who try implementing it within their industries. In the case of VR, we are in that stage now as the travel, real estate, entertainment, sports and many other industries play with VR technology and experiment with ways to determine how they can use it to enhance their customer experiences and as a sales, marketing, teaching or learning tool for both internal and external use.

The third stage is when the technology has been flushed out by early adopters and the vertical markets and has been proven to be something that can transcend to a broader consumer market.

As for AR, on the whole, we are at the very earliest stage with Microsoft’s HoloLens representing the high-end definition of the AR experience. However, Pokemon Go has has introduced AR to a very broad consumer audience, at least in terms of helping to show this audience an example of AR and its ability to put images on top of any scene or location.

It has given them, at the very least, a taste of what AR is about. I suspect that, at least at a simple gaming level, we may see other AR-enhanced games soon that could help AR get more play in consumer markets at this level sooner.
As users who are entirely aware about VR and AR  , what do you think about AR overthrowing VR in terms of consumer adoption ?

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