Record your Augmented Reality Experiences on Microsoft HoloLens using the new Spectator View

Record your Augmented Reality Experiences on Microsoft HoloLens using the new Spectator View


The Microsoft HoloLens has been known over the time to offer the users with the beautiful world of mixed reality wherein you can overlay digital elements over real life surroundings.


Though Microsoft HoloLens can create rich and immersive digital experiences, the experience only limits to the wearer of HoloLens and it becomes difficult to share to larger audiences. To overcome this issue, Microsoft has arrived with new rig called as Spectator View that lets users capture a HoloLens video and share it other for better understanding and get several perspective oriented inputs.


Spectator View can be used in variety of applications like live streaming and demonstrations and even during presentations. Take a look at the below video to understand the uses of Spectator View:



The entire detailed process to create the setup is there on the official blog of Spectator View. However, to understand in bit short, you need to connect a dSLR camera to your HoloLens using a HDMI cable. Your HoloLens will then connect to a Laptop/PC over Wi-Fi. Note that Spectator View is available only for those HoloLens apps having shared experiences on Windows Universal Platform.


After this user completely need to calibrate the Setup. Check the video below:



The Spectator View Setup can be used for shooting videos of holographic surroundings, or live streaming holographic content to the audience and even for capturing photos with mixed reality scenes.


Co-founder at Object Theory, Michael Hoffman says Showing 3D objects in your physical world is a magical experience that is hard to translate to a 2D monitor. Spectator View with a stabilisation rig makes it possible to really show the 3D nature of mixed reality experienced by a HoloLens user.

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