Touch Surgery and DAQRI launches an AR Platform

With virtual and augmented reality tech getting more mainstream, it is touching almost every sector of the industry right from education to industrial and to medial sciences. Currently – Touch Surgery – a specialist platform for mobile simulation has joined


Apple and Zeiss Working Together for Augmented Reality Glasses

A lot of rumors pertaining to Apple’s interest in augmented reality hardware have been surfacing since long. Apple’s few registered patents of “Transparent electronic Device” also shows the company’s interest and possible progress in this direction. As per the popular


Experience AR with HoloLAMP PROJECTOR

Hololamp Projector – Last week at the CES 2017 expo in Las Vegas, HoloLamp debuted its first-of-its-kind augmented reality projector. The peculiar thing about this project is that users can experience augmented reality and interact with the real object without


Lenovo’s New AR Glass C200

Tech giant Google, was the first in the industry to initiate the concept of smart glasses with its Google Glass. However, the smart glass concept couldn’t strike-the-chord in the tech industry, but it seems that with tech wearables getting more


With the Pokémon GO fame , Will AR overthrow VR ?

With the great fame achieved by Pokemon Go and its witty use of AR, we all are wondering if AR overthrow VR in consumer acceptance. Everybody readily adopted the game and we cant imagine the amount of fans it has Read More >>

AR and VR in Education : 22 Amazing Apps

Virtual and Augmented Reality technology has entered many markets beyond just gaming . VR and AR can be used as education tools for children , which is currently a less explored market but has a great scope. Making learning and