Microsoft HoloLens finds its application in Australian Air Force

Tech titans from across the globe are working towards enhancing the augmented and Mixed Reality tech by bringing it to almost every field like business marketing, industry and production technology, medical sciences, education and others. Recently, we have seen how


Qualcomm’s Big move towards mobile VR,Introduces “Snapdragon 835”

Our life truelly depends on Mobile.From early Morning Alarm to all the meetings schedule notifications , to every mail we check out on the go.Mobile has truelly embarked the growth of every technology.From learning languages through apps to be connected


Lenovo Launching its VR Headset with Mixed Reality Capability

The Consumer Electronics show is happening in Las Vegas and It is already getting attention with VR and AR Technologies.With Giants like Sony, Microsoft ,Google entering into this VR domain after the inception of Oculus ,Gear VR,HTC Vive, now another